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She is stinky today.

She looks the same.

She moves in the same beautiful way that she always moves.

She's where she is...usually.

but today, she is stinky, almost well yes, repulsive.

Telling me to leave her alone with her stench.

And so I did.

Usually she greets me with such openness that I feel compelled to dive into her vastness and become one with her never-ending supply of love.

but not today.

Today I left, went home. Made oatmeal and a chai.

Didn't dare even touch the earth around her.

And then I wondered...maybe...she NEEDS to be stinky sometimes, alone with her stuff.

To cleanse her amazing vastness so she can be there when we really need her.

Maybe she is in the middle of a cleanse.

Just like me.

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