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October 2016 -- Davenport, California

​Ever feel like you're truly at a crossroads? This is THAT video...


September 2016 -- Capitola, California

How do you use distractions to keep you from dealing with life?


In this 2-min vlog post, shot in in Santa Cruz after my morning meditation on the beach, I delve into why we use distraction to keep us from being real in this life.

Cole comes home - and then he's called back - to the Marines

August 2016 -- At home

Yup, don't mess with this Mama - don't release her son from the servitude in the Marines only to call him back to ask 1 question. Really, did he have to drive 800 miles to do this in person? Don't the Marines have access to these things called phones? So this is me speaking my mind (finally) about the way the Marines treated my son. Just crappy.

Finding true peace & a quiet mind

August 2016 -- On the water in Tulum, Mexico

Finding peace on the water…Blue on blue on blue - private  lagoon in Tulum, blue skies, blue eyes, blue board and SUP Yoga bliss.

How do you react when life is perfect? And how do you react when life is choppy?

June 2016 -- Santa Cruz Whard, California

First swim of the year around the Santa Cruz Wharf (a bit less than a mile) with the WestEnd Wharf, Wine & Swim Club. All was perfect on the west side of the wharf, but it turned crazy choppy on the east side. How would you react?

Are you willing to fall on your face to continue to grow?

July 2016 -- Santa Cruz, California

Post yoga class pondering...Are you willing to fall on your face to continue to grow?

Healers in Haiku

May 2016 -- Haiku, Maui, Hawaii

Mahalo for watching! Finding your healer is so simple...just seek and be open. Sit down and take part in the experience when asked. We found Padme and Master Shen in a little hut in Haiku, this is a snippet about that soul-opening experience.

​Letting go...of a lover

May 2016 -- Haiku, Maui, Hawaii

Aloha from the gorgeous Hale Akua Garden Farm, located on the ocean side of the road to Hana.

In this post, I share the experience of how the island told me very clearly to let go of the lover I had met last year in Maui. Either that or the coincidence was crazy. You decide.

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