Feeling the deeply profound energies in Egypt

Nov-Dec 2016: An life-changing experience in a place of such desolation, kind people, beauty and ancient energies.

Experience Egypt with me


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December 7 2016 - Sataya Bay, Red Sea, Egypt

Joining my people in the sea


I dove in and felt an instant connection ... with the dolphins. Here is something I wrote about the experience.

I swam & played with the dolphin pods today. Swimming in their bubbles, hearing their calls, playing with me - pulling me - showing me how to be - so beautiful. Inclusive - joyous - playful - loving - swirling circles - sweetness - together - loving - waiting - knowing - healing the wounds - giving so easily - taking nothing - they just are - they just are

December 4 - Mar Asalam, Egypt

Finding teachers wherever I go


I met this man in a shop where I was buying essential oils. He asked where I was from and I hesitated, as I've been feeling ashamed of late to call myself American. Finally, I told him this and he had this to say to me...

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