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Integrating the teachings of Egypt

Back to work and family, friends, dogs, dancing, yoga and friends. But not really back at all.

People have been asking what happened in Egypt - how was it - what are the learnings?

What I can say is that I knew that I would not be the same after Egypt...and that is true.

The lens on this life has shifted. The path has shifted and deepened.

And so, as I'm integrating everything, here is where I am today.

The teachings were brutal, maybe as needed, on detaching further. The teachings were deeply felt at many levels. The lessons were numerous - so here are a few...

People everywhere are really the same - I went with fear, I came home with love.

Be utterly transparent when communicating - say what you know, even though it's hard.

It's okay to teach the teacher.

It's time to leap without fear into what is next.

It's time to lead with compassion.


It's possible to feel energy blocks as they arrive, sit with them, relax into them, and then, let them go.

Be willing to be open to whatever comes. There is always a purpose in everything - especially the hard things. Learn from those - they are your greatest teacher.

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