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Meeting Hapi, God of the Nile

From the Edfu Temple, Egypt

Loved this place. There is a laboratory room - walls are completely covered with formulas for the special healing and preserving tonics and oils created in that very room. The formulas are yet to be translated, but are beautiful and intricate and organized all the same. I felt a calm here - being in this place where healing oils were developed and formulated.

Sat in a doorway - in malasana - closed the eyes - and leaned against a wall.

The back of my heart lit up warmly and I took a short vacation from this world.

When I turned to see which God or flower or scene was touching the back of my heart, I saw a male God and snapped a pic. When I ask Mohammed, our guide, who it was, he said it was Hapi, the God of the Nile. And aha, I thought, the Nile, so peaceful, so right, giver of life.

A couple of days later, we stopped at the river's edge for the night. And a new friend, Riche, and I decided to bathe in the Nile. Which brought a feeling of deep release for us both. Thank you Hapi!

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