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All night meditation learnings

Abydos Temple - Aswan, Egypt

There is a hard energy here, a darkness, a deep suffering, and I felt it acutely.

After some sitting within the temple, I worked on bringing in the light that has been flowing so easily of late to cleanse this energy, release any stuckness.

But the light wasn't there.

Instead, there was a surge of current rising up from the earth and into my space. IT was there. It was HARD. It was difficult to turn off.

Back at our hotel, I couldn't sleep - so restless - all of the energy and emotions rising (to be cleansed?) And so I left the room and found the prayer hall. And practiced yoga. Sang. Sat with it all.

From this practice came the reflections and realizations from my all-night yoga meditation at "The House of Life" in Aswan, Egypt.

Be as one

Let go of attachments and expectations

Be compassionate for myself and others

By myself - Be buoyant

Act as Hanuman: reach into this life - take the leap through the window

and be open to whatever comes.

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