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Like a dance.

All tight and rigid brings



Allowing it to be. Closing eyes. Merging into movement. No mind. No body. All oneness.

Like a calling, a purpose.

Pushing to get shit done, not taking time to rest, driving into exhaustion brings

little movement,

little done,

little glee.

Allowing it to come. Knowing, acknowledging and being. Just that. And then comes the flow. And shit really gets done.

Like the trees.

They are. Simply. There. Same place. Everyday. In their tree selves. Tree bodies.

Tree energy flows in waves through to mama earth. Growing. Swaying with the wind. In a tree dance. While taking in the sun to nourish and fire to burn and living in and around that. Just living.

Like us.

Allowing it all to be as it is and to come as it comes. And then there is true flow. And love with all. Freedom. True Peace.

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