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Gifts and gratitude.

Are you grateful for this gift of life? you complain and kibitz and worry?

Do you live in gratitude?

If do you show it?

Living life in gratitude...saying what you're thankful for.

Writing it down - every night, seriously, brings in more abundance, more of what you're grateful for.

It seems to just happen.

I don't know why, but it does.

Most nights, I write down what I'm grateful for.

It's a random list of things that I'm happy came to me that day...written on the back of scrap paper.

Last night, for example, I wrote:





female community,



sharing these gifts,

dining with others,



being open,


cooking for others,


new friends,

petting Dude (my puppy),

sharing the teachings,

leading a meditation,

and abundance.

Oh, and I drew a big heart on the paper, too.

The list may seem random, but it wasn't.

Yesterday, I attended an Ayurvedic cooking workshop in the morning, where they served Chai and beet dahl.

And it was really, really good.

That afternoon/evening, I taught my first Ilahinoor workshop, where 10 incredibly gifted, spirit sisters gathered at my home to learn, drop in, support one another, and be in community. And I cooked chai and dahl for all.

During the last meditation, Dude sat at my feet so I would pet him. And it did.

And I loved it all.

So, what are the gifts in your life?

Do you acknowledge them or do you take them for granted?

I believe that the gifts you take for granted soon will fall away.

I believe that whatever you place your thoughts and energy onto sincerely will come your way.

That means, if you're living in fear that something bad may happen, it probably will. It really works that way.

And if you believe that you will someday meet your guru, you probably will.




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