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Synchronicity in Haiku

​​On the second morning of my May Maui trip with my friend Candi, we drove up to the tiny town of upper Haiku to go to Maui Kombucha - an actual kombucha bar, and the thrift shop I'd gone to on a prior trip. Both were a bust - kombucha was super high in alcohol and the thrift store no longer existed! So we went into the grocery and then Candi saw it, Padme's Healing Center - which looked like a tiny yellow house, it's so small.

We tiptoed into the hut and saw a gorgeous woman massaging an older monk-looking man's feet. I wore a t-shirt that said "Heavily Meditated" in bold gold lettering and so "Master Shen" said to me, "Hi, Heavenly, come in and we'll treat you".

And so it began, see my video post on the Healing Center for more, but suffice it to say that the experience of going really deep and letting go of so much, left me in an incredibly peaceful state. BTW: Padme is donation based - we gratefully emptied our wallets!

So where's the synchronicity? Here's what happened.

We wanted to see Master Shen again but couldn't make his Sunday night class because we really wanted go to the drumming circle at Little Beach. Instead, we set out for Haiku that Sunday morning to see if Padme was open, and no dice, all closed up. We then decided to drive up to Makawao for the fire juice elixir we had earlier in the week. On that drive...

I saw cows on a corner

So decided to turn there (love cows)

Without knowing where that turn would take us

After 100 yards

We saw alot of parked cars on the street

We slowed down to look at what was happening

And saw The Secret Garden sign, and we parked

And realized there was a group meditation going on at that time

So we went around back to see

And meditated in the gorgeous labyrinth in the garden

While the group meditated inside the greenhouse

And when they were done and we were done

We walked inside

And who was there...

Master Shen.


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