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Maui in 7 days - yogini style

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MONDAY -- Tune in to Maui

Before you leave Kahalui/airport area:
Shop: Shop at the one of the stores in town before venturing off to the beach. Whole Foods, CostCo, Safeway, etc. And if you forgot a hat or sunglasses, get them in Kahalui or pay $$.

Paia Buddhist Temple: Drive a few miles up to Paia and park near the Buddhist Temple. Do a few rounds in the temple while chanting your mantra.

Mana Foods: Pick up lunch at Mana Foods - vegetarian goodness.

Hookipa Beach/Turtles!: Head to Hookipa Beach and you may see and swim near one of about 20 turtles that live at the beach. Careful not to touch!

Freestyle Dance Maui: Makawao Church - haven't been to this one, but it could be just the perfect way to really tune in with the locals.

TUESDAY -- Healing and Kirtan in Haiku

Hale Akua Garden Farm, Haiku: After your morning practice and meditation, have a leisurely breakfast. If you're staying at Hale Akua Garden Farm, walk down to the farm and pick up some cage free, organic eggs and organic produce - including tumeric!

Make your way up to the tiny downtown Haiku.As you head up the hill, on the right side at the far end of the building is Maui Kombucha. Pretty tasty kombucha but high alcohol content - beware! Update: get the Kombucha in the store across the street - they have kegs near the door.
If you're already hungry for lunch, try Veg Out Cafe, just around the corner from Maui Kombucha - so, so good!

Make an appointment to see Master Shen (as I call him). He's a native Hawaiian healer, Kung Fu and Tai Chi master, and offers Chi Mana private/group training and sessions - energy work, massage to open the heart, and is full of wisdom. 


Tuesday Night -- Kirtan or African dance
Kirtan is held every Tuesday evening at the Temple of Peach in Haiku. It starts at 7:30PM and goes for about 1-1.5 hours and is followed by a satvic vegetarian meal. Attire: make sure you cover your shoulders and wear modest clothing. Remove your shoes before entering the temple.

African Dance is held every Tuesday evening at the Makawao Church. Starts around 7:00PM and lasts about an hour. Cost: $15 cash. Live drumming!!

WEDNESDAY -- Upcountry and Makawao

If the weather is gloomy, take a trip upcountry to Makawao - a totally cute spot. Sip Me: Start with a coffee or chai or take a risk and do the Hot Shot, a place that you won't want to miss. Now in Makawao and Paia!

Mangala yoga: Nothing special, but nice people and a clean studio


If you like used clothing stores...check out the place right behind Mangala Yoga, really good stuff there.

Another Yoga Option: Maui Yoga Shala in Paia on Baldwin, just up the hill from downtown. Take Nadia's class-sometimes with live music-she will lead you into an truly aloha-spirited class and deep relaxation - my favorite in Maui!

Tea, herbs and holistic medicines: I highly recommend stopping at Dragon's Den Tea Shop, just because it feels good there. And you can pick up teas, oils, herbs and more.

Ecstatic Dance: Makawao church - on Baldwin just a few miles up from Paia. Starts around 7. Costs about $15. Good DJs, nice peeps. No talking, drinking, drugs please. And make sure to check timing before you go. 

THURSDAY -- Bamboo forest hike, pineapple wine and sound healing

Bamboo Forest Hike: Head towards Hana on the Hana Highway and at mile 6.5ish, you'll see a bunch of cars parked near a bamboo forest. Check out hiking directions here, but suffice it to say that it's gorgeous, there are 4+ waterfalls and pools you can swim in, rocks to lay on, rope ladders to climb, peaceful spots to meditate, and more. Bring a lunch and wear clothes that can get muddy.

Drive over to Maui Winery: Bring a picnic if you like and explore the gorgeous grounds, taste the yummy pineapple wine! And they can ship, just saying...

5 Rhythms Dance at Lumeria Maui. Explore how you show up when things are still, flowing, chaotic. Dance freely for your heart and soul.

FRIDAY -- Snorkeling, drum circle and a town party

Venture into tourist-land before the weekend: If you must head to the other side of the island for snorkeling, avoid the weekend and go early before the winds come up. Try black rock or Honolua Bay.

Get out of there quickly and head back to the jungle side of the island OR if you dare, be a tourist for a day and stay in Lahaina for alot of shopping and not-healthy food options. You can also move down to Kihea - the sunny area of the island to hang out. I hear there's a great brewery there...

Drum circle: Baldwin beach, Paia - around 6PM to sunset - a bunch of locals gather to drum. Fun to listen to or dance to, it's all good.

Friday town parties: like a farmer's market, craft faire, dance party mash up. The party moves each week, so check the website before going. The week we were there, it was Makawao night and we danced to a Prince tribute - yep, I danced on the stage :)  Tip: Avoid the market in Lahaina - just waaaay too crowded - took 20 minutes just to find parking.


SATURDAY -- Yoga, banana bread, flea market or volcano hike, relax
Take a yoga class in Paia - 3 studios to choose from

Banana Bread: Grab the chocolate chip banana bread at this bakery - in Paia behind the bikini shop.


Maui flea market! It's awesome - good people, good food, and good stuff. Morning time. Maui community college. Costs .50cents to enter.

Volcano Hike -- It's actually quite nice to hike up at Haleakala during the day. Bring extra food and water and layers. It get's cold up there.

Live music: Go BACK to the banana bread spot for local, free live music and happy hour. Just awesome.

SUNDAY -- Meditation in a sacred garden, lava field hike & drum circle/dancing at a nude beach

Mediation: Sacred Garden near Makawao, starts at 9AM. Be ready to sit quietly for an hour. Fun place to chat and explore - love the labyrinth!


Go to the Temple of Peace at 10AM for an inter-faith experience, complete with dancing, sharing, singing, live music and lunch!

Lava field hike: Pack a lunch and head over to the lava fields for a hike through black lava, white coral and bright blue water beaches.

Little Beach Drum Circle and Dancing at Makena Beach: So fun, bring your beach stuff (no bikini required) and enjoy the comraderie of locals and tourists as they gather for a killer drum circle. Goes from about 4PM to sunset. Dancers very welcome :) And it's a really fun body surfing spot, too!

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