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Providing insights on my yogic journey. Ideas on how you can find your tribe on the road. And in-person classes, workshops and retreats.

I'm excited to share my journey as a seeker of ultimate peace and freedom through a vlog/blog about my travels and adventures as a hopeful yogini. In sharing my experiences, insights, and connections, as well as more practical info - where to eat (an ayurvedic, veggie diet), practice and play while on the road - I hope to inspire you to seek your own unique adventure, path, dharma and ultimately find so much joy.​ Namaste!

Recent quick trip to Tulum

Seeking to find your true self?

Venture into a way of traveling where you merge with local cultures, find your tribe, freely explore and sometimes find your true self. Share my Tulum, Mexico experience...

Featured video: Crossroads

Want to venture more deeply?

Revealing thoughts, ideas, explorations about this journey of life - un-scripted & un-edited.

 Ever feel like you're truly at a crossroads? This is THAT video...  


We all have a story to tell. And while videoing is quick, the act of writing and sharing our thoughts can be very healing. And so, sometimes I write.

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