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Check out the bLog post below, vlog posts under trip videos, and send me your ideas for my upcoming trips!  I hope this helps you on your path to find your tribe and your true self. Namaste.

January 6, 2017

Back to work and family, friends, dogs, dancing, yoga and friends. But not really back at all.

People have been asking what happened in Egypt - how was it - what are the learnings?

What I can say is that I knew that I would not be the same after Egypt...and that is true.

The lens on this life has shifted.
The path has shifted and deepened.

And so, as I'm integrating everything, here is where I am today.

The teachings were brutal, maybe as needed, on detaching further. The teachings were deeply felt at many levels. The lessons were numerous - so here are a few...

People everywhere are really the same - I went with fear, I came home with love.

Be utterly transparent when communicating - say what you know, even though it's hard.

It's okay to teach the teacher.

It's time to leap without fear into what is next.

It's time to lead with compassion.


It's possible to feel energy blocks as they arrive, sit with them, relax into them, and then, let them go.

Be willing to be open to whatever comes. The...

November 29, 2016

From the Edfu Temple, Egypt

Loved this place. There is a laboratory room - walls are completely covered with formulas for the special healing and preserving tonics and oils created in that very room. The formulas are yet to be translated, but are beautiful and intricate and organized all the same. I felt a calm here - being in this place where healing oils were developed and formulated.

Sat in a doorway - in malasana - closed the eyes - and leaned against a wall.

The back of my heart lit up warmly and I took a short vacation from this world.

When I turned to see which God or flower or scene was touching the back of my heart, I saw a male God and snapped a pic. When I ask Mohammed, our guide, who it was, he said it was Hapi, the God of the Nile. And aha, I thought, the Nile, so peaceful, so right, giver of life.

A couple of days later, we stopped at the river's edge for the night. And a new friend, Riche, and I decided to bathe in the Nile. Which brought a feeling of deep release for us both...

November 28, 2016

Abydos Temple - Aswan, Egypt

There is a hard energy here, a darkness, a deep suffering, and I felt it acutely.

After some sitting within the temple, I worked on bringing in the light that has been flowing so easily of late to cleanse this energy, release any stuckness.

But the light wasn't there.

Instead, there was a surge of current rising up from the earth and into my space. IT was there. It was HARD. It was difficult to turn off.

Back at our hotel, I couldn't sleep - so restless - all of the energy and emotions rising (to be cleansed?) And so I left the room and found the prayer hall. And practiced yoga. Sang. Sat with it all.

From this practice came the reflections and realizations from my all-night yoga meditation at "The House of Life" in Aswan, Egypt.

Be as one

Let go of attachments and expectations

Be compassionate for myself and others

By myself - Be buoyant

Act as Hanuman: reach into this life - take the leap through the window

and be open to whatever comes.


November 27, 2016

It's 4:15am and I'm not sleeping. Jet lag or nervous about what is to come?

As I sit and sing as part of my morning sadhana, I hear a cry in the distance.

And so, with a bit of fear, I open the window.

What comes through is a sacred and soulful calling, a prayer, a chant.

It's sad, seems it's calling for something, somewhat desperately.

The broadcast comes from the Mosque's loudspeakers and overrides the Hanuman Chalisa that I'm singing.

And so, I listen, and leave the window open and take whatever comes into my being.

A bit later...

It smells burnt here in Luxor - outdoors. Factories? (I later learn this is the smell of burning garbage...)

I see the Nile for the first time - she flows slowly as sludge kisses her edges. And yet she flows ...

November 5, 2016


Like a dance.

  All tight and rigid brings



  Allowing it to be. Closing eyes. Merging into movement. No mind. No body. All oneness.

Like a calling, a purpose.

  Pushing to get shit done, not taking time to rest, driving into exhaustion brings

  little movement,

  little done,

  little glee.

  Allowing it to come. Knowing, acknowledging and being. Just that. And then comes the flow. And shit really gets done.

Like the trees.

  They are. Simply. There. Same place. Everyday. In their tree selves. Tree bodies.

  Tree energy flows in waves through to mama earth. Growing. Swaying with the wind. In a tree dance. While taking in the sun to nourish and fire to burn     
  and living in and around that. Just living.

Like us.

  Allowing it all to be as it is and to come as it comes. And then there is true flow. And love with all. Freedom. True Peace.

October 31, 2016

Are you grateful for this gift of life?

or...do you complain and kibitz and worry?

Do you live in gratitude?

If so...how do you show it?

Living life in gratitude...saying what you're thankful for.

Writing it down - every night, seriously, brings in more abundance, more of what you're grateful for.

It seems to just happen.

I don't know why, but it does.

Most nights, I write down what I'm grateful for.

It's a random list of things that I'm happy came to me that day...written on the back of scrap paper.

Last night, for example, I wrote:





female community,



sharing these gifts,

dining with others,



being open,


cooking for others,


new friends,

petting Dude (my puppy),

sharing the teachings,

leading a meditation,

and abundance.

Oh, and I drew a big heart on the paper, too.

The list may seem random, but it wasn't.

Yesterday, I attended an Ayurvedic cooking workshop in the morning, where they served Chai and beet dahl. 

And it was really, really good.

That afte...

October 14, 2016

She is stinky today.

She looks the same.

She moves in the same beautiful way that she always moves.

She's where she is...usually.

but today, she is stinky, almost well yes, repulsive.

Telling me to leave her alone with her stench.

And so I did.

Usually she greets me with such openness that I feel compelled to dive into her vastness and become one with her never-ending supply of love.

but not today.

Today I left, went home. Made oatmeal and a chai.

Didn't dare even touch the earth around her.

And then I wondered...maybe...she NEEDS to be stinky sometimes, alone with her stuff.

To cleanse her amazing vastness so she can be there when we really need her.

Maybe she is in the middle of a cleanse.

Just like me.

May 21, 2016

See the videos   View the experience

​​On the second morning of my May Maui trip with my friend Candi, we drove up to the tiny town of upper Haiku to go to Maui Kombucha - an actual kombucha bar, and the thrift shop I'd gone to on a prior trip. Both were a bust - kombucha was super high in alcohol and the thrift store no longer existed! So we went into the grocery and then Candi saw it, Padme's Healing Center - which looked like a tiny yellow house, it's so small.

We tiptoed into the hut and saw a gorgeous woman massaging an older monk-looking man's feet. I wore a t-shirt that said "Heavily Meditated" in bold gold lettering and so "Master Shen" said to me, "Hi, Heavenly, come in and we'll treat you".

And so it began, see my video post on the Healing Center for more, but suffice it to say that the experience of going really deep and letting go of so much, left me in an incredibly peaceful state. BTW: Padme is donation based - we gratefully emptied our wallets!

So where's the synchroni...

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